The 3 most important things to know in IT are backups, backups and backups; alright, alright, among other things.

I have a question for you, are you ready with a good backup WHEN the hard drive fails in your computer? Notice I did not write IF, hard drives are mechanical devices that constantly spin at high speed, they will fail, it may take a long time, or a short time, there is no way to tell when.

John is a very busy accountant, I am forever telling him to make sure all his work is backed up, but knowing John for a long time, I know that he does not always follow my advice.  John called me this morning and with a somber sounding voice told me he lost some files and that his most recent backup was over a week old, he feared he had lost a few hours of work.

The story had a happy ending, I was able to recover the files for John, but he could have been not so lucky.

So people, please, make sure your important information is backed up regularly; backing up your data nowadays has become very easy and inexpensive. I would rather come to your office to do more meaningful work than to try to recover lost work.

Good day.





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