During the process of  using your computer temporary files get created and deleted automatically; this is part of the normal operation of your computer, it is akin to you taking a piece of scrap paper to make notes and discard it when done.

The problem is that your computer’s operating system is not always 100% successful in deleting all the “scrap notes” some bits and pieces get left behind thus accumulating as useless junk… you know, all those little bits of paper you accumulate on your desk on a regular basis! In the case of your desk the problem is regularly taken care of, otherwise you would not be able to work. With your computer it is a slightly different story, the computer cannot clean itself up and if enough junk accumulates the computer can no longer function properly.

The good news is that there is an easy way to remove the junk; Microsoft Windows computers have a built-in utility to help you “take out the garbage” You can find it in Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Disk Cleanup. When you run the program it will calculate how much junk is in your computer, this takes from a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on how large your hard drive is; after the calculations are done you will see a screen with a list of check-boxes, you can safely check all of them as anything on that list is not critical; once you click on OK you will be asked if you are sure this is what you want to do; go ahead, click on Delete Files and all your junk will be deleted from your computer.

This is an easy task that should be done at least once a month, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can always call you and we will be happy to help you, computer service is what we do.


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Last Modified: May 28, 2013

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