We tackle hardware, software and networking projects


CompTech West offers quality solutions based on leading technologies that are designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. By focusing on your unique needs, The CompTech West Team acts as your partner and trusted advisor to guide you in making the right technology decisions for your company.
We help you stay innovative while providing you the highest quality of service delivery.

Just to list a few services…

Establish or Strengthen Your Network
Implement or expand small- to medium-sized computer networks (Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks)
Install and configure software
Establish and enhance Internet connectivity
Set up and maintain Web servers and e-mail servers
Add printers, e-mail servers, computers and other equipment to your computer network
Create a more streamlined network
Solve Your Tech Problems
Set up processes to back up your data
Customize applications and databases to fit your needs
Upgrade your hardware and software
Improve your computer security
Offer ideas and best practices to help you make the most of your computer resources Recover data that’s been lost
Troubleshoot your computer issues (hardware, software & networks)
Repair software and hardware, including printers and other peripheral equipment