Apple is not dead yet!

Apple closes gap on Samsung in smart connected devices

“The market, which consists of PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, was driven by growth in tablets, which should outsell desktop PCs this year and laptops next year, according to research firm IDC”

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Take advantage of added security on the web

More and more companies are starting to tighten up the security of their user information, they are doing this in different ways. Apple recently announced that they are providing the option of two-step security for their users.

This makes a lot of sense as we increasingly depend on the Internet to do business and conduct personal tasks.

Here is an article abut what Apple is doing



Check your password – is it strong?

This is a neat page from Microsoft that helps you check the strength of your passwords.

I often run into computer users that use very weak passwords, for example, the name of their children, spouse, etc. Those are the first things someone trying to break into your computer is going to try.

My favorite password would be one that has a combination of upper and lower case characters with a number thrown in, for example StronPassword1

Check the strength of your password here:

What is a strong password?