Network Support

To wire or not…. that is a good question

We often get asked whether to install “hard-wired” network cabling or setup a wireless network. The short answer in my opinion is hard-wired is always better. Please keep in mind that I am an old technician from the pre-dinosaur computer era, wireless networking has come a long way in recent years; in the early days wireless was slow and prone to interference which led to random disconnections and many headaches such as data corruption.

Fast forward a few years, wireless today is very reliable and fairly fast. If your network is small, let’s say less than 5 computers, in a small area with not too many walls in between the router and the computers, wireless is a very viable inexpensive option. However if hard-wiring the office space is feasible, I would always go with the hard-wired option; other than New York mice that like to eat network cabling instead of good cheese (I am serious) your network will be more reliable.

Regardless of which option you go with, you should have a wireless component in your network, laptops and other devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. will benefit from having access to the Internet through your wireless router.

Good day.