Tech Gurus & proud of it

There are a number of computer-service companies out there.

Why choose CompTech West?

Our experience:

A multi-talented computer consultant with 23 years of experience, Mike Campos started this company, CompTech West over 20 years ago. His primary focus has been to offer solutions that work best no matter how small or large the clients budget. In this time the CompTech West team has become the best kept secret in the Orange County area.
We’ve been helping businesses make the most of their computer systems. From software troubleshooting to network installation to computer security, we do it all.

Our dedication:

We are in fact, a small business, and we understand the special needs of small companies. We truly care about your business, and we want to help make it a success. Our dedication shows in everything we do-and it’s one of the reasons we have long-term customers who are happy to refer us to others.

Our professionalism:

When you need us, we are there promptly. We work efficiently, and we offer highly competitive rates. Also, we’re just fun people to be around.
We are also great team players and can work as partners with internal IT departments or other members of your company.

Please feel free to connect with us and get to know us.
Our tech team is determined to make your life a little easier.